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Ring Sizes

How to find the right size:

Method A
If you have a ring, which fits you well, you can estimate your size by measuring the inside diameter of your ring and comparing it with the following table:
Inner diameter Size
15.30 mm 48
15.60 mm 49
15.90 mm 50
16.20 mm 51
16.60 mm 52
16.90 mm 53
17.20 mm 54
17.50 mm 55
17.80 mm 56
Inner diameter Size
18.10 mm 57
18.50 mm 58
18.80 mm 59
19.10 mm 60
19.40 mm 61
19.70 mm 62
20.10 mm 63
20.40 mm 64
20.70 mm 65
Inner diameter Size
21.00 mm 66
21.30 mm 67
21.60 mm 68
22.00 mm 69
22.30 mm 70
22.60 mm 71
22.90 mm 72
23.20 mm 73
23.60 mm 74

Method B
Ring sizes are equivalent to finger circumference in millimeters. Therefore, you can use a measuring tape (from a sewing box or a tool box) to measure the finger's thickest circumference - the nuckle.
If you do not have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and a pen or adhesive tape. Measure your finger circumference with the string using the pen or the adhesive tape as marker. Then, measure the string with a ruler to find out the length in millimeters. The length in millimeters is equivalent to the ring size.

Method C
Our ring template Ring Pattern Printout (PDF) offers the most convenient way to find out your ring size. This template illustrates the sizes on a 1:1 scale. You can either cut out one or more circle templates to check if your finger fits the circle template or compare the circle templates with one of your own rings by putting your ring on the template circle and look for a match.

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